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Industry insiders face off against Cornell scientists and Walter Hang on hydrofracking

Published November 12, 2012

On November 12, 2012, Gas Industry Insiders faced off against Cornell Scientists and Environmental Activists for a public debate on hydrofracking. Opposing fracking were Cornell Professor Robert Howarth, physicist Bill Podulka, and Walter Hang of Toxic Targeting Services. Defending the industry were John Holko (President, Lenape Resources), Tom Shepstone of Energy in Depth, and Nancy Schmitt (Cornell parent, Engineer and Energy Investment specialist). The debate was sponsored by The Cornell Forensics Society and covered by The Cornell Daily Sun, Shaleshock Media, and Energy In Depth. After the debate Shaleshock Media convened a disussion with activists from Cayuga, Chenango, Broome, Tompkins, and Stueben Counties. This video makes no pretense of balance between positions for and again fracking. Rather, its an attempt to provide a critical anaylsis of the debate with points of view from the grassroots opposition. A Full video of the debate may be viewed on The Cornell Dialy Sun's Ustream channel

Producer Cris McConkey
Production Company ShaleShock Media
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English
Contact Information Cris McConkey <>


Camera: Cris McConkey & Bill Huston; Editing: Cris McConkey


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